For three years, Blondie lived near the Rescue P.A.W.S. clinic. For three years, we were unable to even come close to catching her. She was extremely timid, fled anytime someone looked her way, and was unable to even look people in the eye. For several months no one had seen her. When we found her again, she was extremely thin and desperate for food, with major swelling around her throat. We followed her back to where she was living – and found five of her newborn puppies! Both Blondie and her pups were absolutely infested with lice – the worst case our vets had ever seen. That day, we were able to take in all of her puppies, four of which were later adopted. Several days later, we finally caught Blondie. We administered wound care and deloused both her and her puppies.>

Today, she lives on our temple grounds with her daughter, Cera. They come on our daily beach walks and are a staple outside our kennels. Blondie’s trust is not easily gained, but once she trusts you she’ll be your friend for life.