Derby is a big ‘ole bundle of love. We met Derby almost a year ago  during feeding runs. At the time, she was living on temple grounds after being dumped, and it was instantly obvious she was different than the rest. She immediately ran up to greet us with smile and a wagging tail, looking to give affection to each and every one of us. Time and again, we visited the pack, and we were greeted with the same enthusiasm, but our hearts broke when we began to realize she was not always like this. It became clear that when she was dumped at the temple, the pack living there was not welcoming of the new-comer. She was rejected and ostracized, since she was not an original member.

When the opportunity finally came along to bring her home with us, we scooped her up  immediately. She has been such a little joy to have around the clinic, always energetic, running from one volunteer to the next saying hello and giving kisses every morning. She absolutely loves people, and tries hard to please. Although she is very high energy, and incredibly enthusiastic, she will also happily sit down right in your lap for cuddles. As all our adoptable pups do, she has been going through “puppy training” and is doing quite well. She will sit and wait for her food without jumping or lunging, and we are currently working on “paw!’ She would be a wonderful addition to any family!

Date of Birth

January, 2018


Medications: No

Microchipped: Yes

Sterilized: Yes


Cat-friendly: No

Dog-friendly:  When on lead and in an open area, yes. If not, not yet. 

Kid-friendly: older children, yes. Very energetic, may not be gentle with small children.

Energy level: High

Anxiety level: None

Aggression: No

Triggers: Other dominant dogs


Leash: Yes

Food: Yes

Crate: Yes

House-trained: In progress

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