Frequently Asked Questions

curious dog.

Due to a high influx of enquiries, we have built this FAQ’s page to provide our users with the answers they need, even outside of our operating hours.

In this part of the website, we go through the purpose of our organisation, how we work towards our mission and also provide advice regarding how to care for the stray dogs and cats of Thailand.

We would like to stress that we are a catch and release program, not a veterinary clinic or rescue centre, so bringing dogs to our facility to treat or foster can be a big risk for our dogs who are recovering from sterilization. Doing so can also utilise the limited resources we have that we need to continue our mission. Through completing our mission and sterilizing as many stray animals as possible, we are working towards making a big change within the community that works to solve the root problem. We do, however, want to be a source of information for anyone concerned with animal welfare issues and we are happy to advise individuals accordingly.

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