Dog Rescue and Veterinary Care

In this section, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive in regards to dog rescue and veterinary care. You may have been directed to this page from our automated system on Facebook as you have asked one of these relevant questions or you may be on this page to find out more information about these specific areas. If you did not receive the information you needed in this section, please contact us directly on and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Our operating hours are Monday-Friday, 9am to 4:30pm (UTC+7).

For any medical concerns, we would advise that you take the animal to a local veterinary practice who have the facilities and resources to conduct emergency procedures and care for the animals. We are not a veterinary clinic or rescue centre, so bringing dogs to our facility can be a big risk for our dogs who are recovering from sterilization, as well as utilising resources that we need to continue our mission.

There's an animal living near my residence who needs care, can you take it back to Rescue Paws or do something about it?

Rescue Paws is unable to take in injured, abandoned or stray animals. We have very limited space in our kennels, which is currently taken up by dogs who are going through the sterilization process. Through sterilizing as many dogs as we can in the area, we can reduce the number of stray dogs on the street in the years to come and help alleviate the suffering that comes with overpopulation. This is a big operation for our small team to undergo and, regrettably, we cannot accept any dogs into our care.

Because our resources are limited, we cannot come out to any area of Thailand (even areas that are local to us) to collect or care for dogs. In addition, we cannot care or treat animals at our centre. Bringing sick animals to our centre would jeopardise the health of animals for which we are currently caring. We are a catch and release program that focuses on sterilizations; we do not catch stray dogs for the purpose of adoptions.

If you are worried about the health of a dog, you can take it to a local vet in Hua Hin for necessary care. We would, however, advise that these animals are “wild” and may be scared of human interaction.

Can you come and get this injured/sick animal and take it to the vet?

Rescue Paws cannot accept any injured, abandoned or stray animals into our care, or travel to sick animals. Our team is small and has many spay/neuter patients in our care who need our attention. Unfortunately, this means that we do not have the resources to come out to injured animals or take them to the vet.

If you are concerned about the welfare of an animal in the Hua Hin area, we recommend taking it to a local veterinary practice for necessary care. We would warn individuals to be careful with approaching animals, as these are a “wild” dogs who may be afraid of humans.

It is important to note that if an animal has a collar it may be owned. Taking a pet without the permission of the owner can get you in serious trouble with the local police. In this case, we would advise that you ask the locals to see if it belongs to someone.

Can you collect a litter of puppies?

We are unable to collect or accept litters of puppies. We do not have the room to house extra dogs in our facility.

How do I bring my animal from home to Thailand?

We would advise that you do not bring your animal to Thailand from home unless you are relocating to this area permanently. We would recommend that you leave your pet with a trusted family or friend, or with a reputable boarding kennel for the duration of your holiday. Taking animals abroad can be a traumatic experience for the animal and can even be dangerous to its health. It is therefore recommended that animals do not often travel internationally.

Can I bring my dog to come play with yours?

As much as we love meeting new dogs, we cannot have any dogs come and play with the dogs in our care. This is for health and safety of both your dog and the dogs in our care.

However, please feel free to share pictures of your dog with us on social media!

What do I do about the dogs in the cages at Thai markets and shopping malls?

We would advise that you do not participate in this activity at markets and shopping malls. As an organization, we cannot do anything about these operations, but as a collective we can complain to the Tourist Police if we witness violation of Thai law. The local police have the authority to shut them down if enough people have complained.

The hope is that in the future we can provide large-scale prevention of these types of sales by providing local educational programs about dog care. You can help by donating to our cause.

I adopted an animal but now I want to travel. How can I travel with my pet?

If you are going on a holiday for a short period time, we would recommend leaving your dog with a trusted friend or family member who the dog likes.