Where Does My Donation Go?

When you donate with Rescue Paws 100% of your donation goes towards the project and not towards overheads.

Operational costs such as administration, marketing, fundraising, communication and other business services are covered with funds generated from our award-winning Volunteer Program and supplemented by our two main benefactors The Global Work & Travel Co. and XploreAsia .

This means that any donations received will go directly to benefiting the dogs such as medical supplies, food and individual projects.

Be it once-off or a monthly recurring contribution, supporting our rescue efforts is a simple click away!

Make a contribution directly to our PayPal Account: paypal.me/RescuePawsThailand  |  email: funding@rescue-paws.org

Or transfer funds directly to our Thai bank account:

Bank: Kasikorn Bank Thailand
Account Name: Rescue Paws
Account No.: 485-246-8373
Swift code: KASITHBK
Bank Address: 234/1, Hua Hin Market Village, 2nd Floor, Phetkasem Road, Tambon Hua Hin, Amphoe Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, 77110

Alternatively, complete the below form to make a contribution from right here (please note amounts are in US Dollar):

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Sponsor A Pack

The idea behind sponsoring a pack is it gives every dog a chance at a healthy, happy life. We call them packs, but they are actually little families. Each geographical area we have highlighted has multiple dog families within them.

Every area requires a different level of care. Some are very new to us and need full treatment, and others have been with us since the beginning and are in need of maintenance. They all need help in different ways, but if you can find it in your heart to help these dogs, we and they would be eternally grateful.

Benefits of Sponsoring a Pack

At Rescue Paws, we want our pack sponsors to become a part of their little family, so we keep you up to date with all the pack news. When you sponsor a pack with Rescue Paws you will receive regular updates including:

  • Updated photos of the dogs
  • Any special cases that need to be reported
  • Recovery stories
  • News of new arrivals
  • Number of sterilizations and health checks conducted
  • Developments in the area

Below are details on current packs under our care. You can choose to sponsor one of these packs.

The Puppy Temple (Soi 112)

Soi 112 is known as a regular site for abandoning puppies, which is why we refer to it as The Puppy Temple. There are ten adult dogs in this pack, and lots and lots of puppies. One of the temple monks is known to get the little guys adopted. In the meantime, they need your sponsorship for vaccinations, neutering, and food to keep them from straying away from the temple’s safety.

Sponsor this pack

The Temple of Hope (Wat Kao Kalok)

Wat Kao Kalok is known as the Temple of Hope. There are roughly 100 dogs that are residing here. Unfortunately Wat Kao Kalok is plagued by transmissible venereal tumors, skin ailments and other diseases. As a result there is a high puppy mortality rate here. Despite the conditions people continue to dump puppies and dogs that are in need of immediate care. Your sponsorship would be used to vaccinate the dogs and treat them for their other medical aliments. Spaying and neutering is high on the priority list as well.

Sponsor this pack

Wat Wan Pong

Wat Wan Pong houses a pack of 140 dogs. There are constantly new dogs dumped here, which can result in the disruption of the pack order. Sometimes these fights end with injuries that require treatment. The Wat Wan Pong pack suffers from lack of food, parasites and other serious medical conditions. Your sponsorship would go towards providing quality medical care, food and vaccinations. Spaying and neutering new pack members is a priority too.

Sponsor this pack

White Town

The White Town pack consists of almost 40 dogs and five litters of puppies. These guys live near a beautiful temple in a relatively safe area. Most of these dogs are vaccinated, but they still need your help to neuter the remaining dogs and new puppies, as well as, to maintain the health of the dogs that are already in our care.

Sponsor this pack


The Junkyard pack lives in horrible conditions in a junkyard just down the hill from White Town. The pack number remains unknown because new dogs arrive frequently and the pack members are always changing. The dogs suffer from bad teeth, bad skin and various other ailments. They’re given scraps from local street vendors, but all in all, there is little quality food in the area. These pups are in need of vaccines, neutering, and constant monitoring of injuries and new members. Your sponsorship will go towards giving these dogs quality care and food as well as sterilization so the pack will not continue to grow.

Sponsor this pack

Yam Saard (Soi 94)

The Yam Saard pack consists of roughly 30 dogs and four litters of puppies. Most dogs in this pack live in a compound, but some live on the street. The dogs in this area suffer from food scarcity and receive little care from local residents. This area is also surrounded by busy roads that put dogs at risk when they search for food. Sponsorship for this pack will go towards vaccinations and neutering. Sponsoring this pack is also a potential investment to encompass fifty more dogs….

Sponsor this pack

The Turtle Temple (Wat Kao Tao)

The Turtle Temple is the location of the Rescue Paws base. It is home to 40+ dogs, two litters of puppies, and the incredible monks who look after them. It is located in an area with little disease and plenty of food, but the dogs of this pack struggle with blood parasites caused by ticks. Sponsoring this pack would give this pack the maintenance, parasite treatment, and basic care that they need.

Sponsor this pack

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Rescue P.A.W.S. Thailand.