Lead Volunteer

Lead Volunteer role in dog shelter Thailand.

Rescue Paws is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of stray animals in Thailand. Our organization is operated by a small team of staff and a group of volunteers who provide care for our animals. While some volunteers are trained animal care specialists, volunteer vets and vet students, others are inexperienced but passionate animal lovers seeking a unique travel-abroad experience.

This vacancy is always open and we are interested in hearing from individuals who feel they would be a perfect fit for the role.

The lead volunteer will work alongside other volunteers and provide direction to ensure animal care procedures are followed appropriately. This is an unpaid position with housing provided and a weekly stipend to cover meal expenses. The lead volunteer reports to the volunteer coordinator.

Role and Responsibilities
volunteer animal welfare jobs bathing puppies.

Provide leadership to volunteers and exemplify a high level of responsibility to following procedures

Coordinate daily animal care tasks

Work alongside volunteers to complete daily animal care

Role Considerations
Volunteer careers with dogs in Thailand.

Physical Demands

While performing this job, you will be required to continually walk, stand, squat, twist, and kneel, reach and grab with your hands and arms, in addition to being able to lift and move animals, materials and equipment weighing 40lbs or more. Work is subject to frequent interruptions.

You will be exposed to various weather conditions when working outdoors. You will be exposed to disinfectant solutions while cleaning. You will be consistently exposed to animals and animal allergens, including animal hair, dander, saliva, fecal matter, urine, zoonotic diseases, fleas and other mites or bugs. You may also be subject to potential danger including parasites and infectious diseases, animal bites and scratches.

Mental Demands

While performing this job, you will be regularly required to use written and oral communication skills; observe and interpret situations; analyze and solve problems; learn and apply new information and skills; perform repetitive work on multiple, concurrent tasks; fulfill intensive deadlines; and interact with staff, the public, volunteers and others encountered in the course of work. You will witness injured and ill animals treated at Rescue Paws and in the community.


Must be at least 18 years of age and completed high school level education or equivalent.

All employees must be vaccinated for rabies.

3 month minimum contract

Must have experience working with animals

Job Benefits

A stipend of $2,200 THB per week will be given to cover food expenses. Free accommodation in the volunteer house (private room) is included. After a 30-day probational period, the lead volunteer will earn one personal day per month.


If you are interested in applying, please send your CV and cover letter to admin@rescue-paws.org