Josie is a timid puppy. She would rather keep to herself and find a nice little spot to relax in than jump all over you. She began as a very shy and reserved dog but is becoming exceptionally more comfortable around people as time goes on. She now wags her tail and greets us at the door, ready for her walk. She walks well on a leash but does need her training to continue. She is nervous about new things and has become stubborn when she is walked in an unfamiliar direction, but is slowly improving on this as well. She has learned “sit” and is good with basic skills training. She is good with food and likes to eat quickly and does enjoy carrying around certain toys. She enjoys a cuddle and a pat but doesn’t go out of her way to grab your attention. She interacts well with other dogs off leash but her recall needs a patient home full of love.

Date of Birth

Sept. 29, 2018


Medications: No

Microchipped: No

Sterilized: Yes


Cat-friendly: Unknown

Dog-friendly: Yes. Timid and reserved. Will play but likes to keep to herself.

Kid-friendly: Unknown

Energy level: Medium/low

Anxiety level: High. Shy.

Aggression: No


Leash: In progress

Food: In progress

Crate: No

House-trained: No

Commands learned: Sit