In February of 2019, Lam was adopted by a loving couple in Thailand!

Lam is Rescue P.A.W.S.’ cuddly little princess, a social butterfly who loves to make new friend and snuggle up for tummy rubs.

Lam likes to eat as she pleases throughout the day rather than scarfing it down all at once. She struggles to sit before her walks because she simply gets too excited, but once she calms down she responds to commands well! She is currently being leash-trained and has already shown us her potential to walk beautifully. She loves to dig on the beach and around the temple, but isn’t interested in digging through grass (gardens might be at risk!).

She plays well with other dogs and does very well off leash, never straying too far. She has a huge heart and would definitely adore her family more than anything. She would be fantastic with all ages.

Date of Birth

March 1, 2018


Medications: No

Microchipped: Yes

Sterilized: Yes

Weight: 11.2 kg

Height/Length: 58cm/76cm

Concerns: Came in with distemper and although she has fully recovered, she may or may not have side effects later in life.


Cat-friendly: Yes

Dog-friendly: Yes

Kid-friendly: Yes

Energy level: High

Anxiety level: Low

Aggression: Low

Triggers: None


Leash: In progress

Food: Yes, sits for food

Crate: In progress

House-trained: No

Commands learned: Sit