Team Members

Michael Volpe, PhD

Managing Director


Mike is the Managing Director and co-founder of Rescue P.A.W.S. Coming from a marketing and program management background, Mike is focused on achieving a sustainable future for Rescue P.A.W.S., and ensuring that the organization manages to its mission every day. He has owned dogs his entire life and cares deeply about animal welfare. Mike’s dream is to create a sustainable model for Rescue P.A.W.S. that achieves measurable success and can be replicated in other regions of Thailand and neighboring countries.




Paang is the Director of both Rescue P.A.W.S. and our partner, XploreAsia. She is a Thai national who believes in helping the stray animals of Thailand, and has even adopted several dogs from Rescue P.A.W.S. herself! She is passionate about improving the lives of street dogs through sterilization and education of the local community. Paang’s dream is that, through local and international communication, we can act together to secure better lives for all of Thailand’s stray animals.


Operations Manager


Aimée originally joined our team as the Volunteer Coordinator, bringing with her years of volunteer experience at numerous animal shelters, and has now become Rescue P.A.W.S.’ invaluable Operations Manager. She has a thorough understanding of the planning that is needed to run animal welfare centres, as well as working with animal welfare volunteers. She has experience in utilizing marketing to promote donations and adoptions, as well as understanding the needs of animals. Aimée recently completed months of teaching English in Phuket which has allowed her to gain a thorough understanding of Thai culture and helps her communicate with the local community.

Dr. Aey

Senior Vet

Dr Aey

Dr. Aey, our resident veterinarian, has been a practicing vet in Thailand for over a decade and her addition to the organization has allowed us to significantly expand our impact within Hua Hin. Her passion for the welfare of street animals was awakened during her studies at veterinary school and, after graduating, she dedicated herself to helping dogs in rescue centers and veterinary clinics around Thailand. She joined Rescue P.A.W.S. after realising the scale of the stray dog problem in Thailand, with the hope of becoming part of an organization that sought to find a permanent solution. Dr Aey’s drive to improve the lives of stray animals in Thailand, and her willingness to teach those around her, is a constant inspiration to the team and volunteers.

Dr. Peace

Resident Vet


Dr. Peace Krobprachaya is one of our resident veterinarians who graduated from Chiang Mai University with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. She has been a practicing vet for many years and realised the severity of Thailand’s stray dog overpopulation after being abroad. She decided to join Rescue P.A.W.S. in an effort to reduce the number of animals forced to live in these difficult conditions. With experience working in university hospitals and private clinics within the Hua Hin area and her uplifting, upbeat energy, Dr. Peace is an instrumental member of our team.


Vet Assistant


Ghet, our resident veterinary assistant, worked alongside Dr. Aey for two years in a veterinary clinic before joining her at Rescue P.A.W.S. Ghet assists our vets in ensuring the health and safety of both our clinic dogs and local stray dogs that come into our care. She is experienced in dog handling, grooming, and general animal care, and helps us befriend the local packs to successfully complete our feeding runs, parasite treatments, and necessary sterilizations. Ghet communicates with the local community, educating them about or organization and mission and teaching locals about dog handling and appropriate care.


Lead Volunteer Supervisor


After five years of hard work at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park, Joke joined Rescue P.A.W.S. in August of 2018 as a Volunteer Supervisor. He spends his days working closely with volunteers and supervising all of the daily animal welfare tasks. His easy-going energy, great leadership skills, and his affinity with animals make him an indispensable part of our team.


Senior Volunteer Coordinator

Having worked extensively with non-profit organizations during university and carrying a degree in international relations and business, Rachel joined the team in January as a Marketing Coordinator but has now taken on the role of Senior Volunteer Coordinator. Her experience in group management and her passion for animal welfare makes her a perfect fit for welcoming volunteers, event planning, and overall organization of new projects.

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