Melody is a dog with a full heart and lots of love to give – she loves being around people and will let you pat her for hours! She is very loyal and affectionate, so she will need lots of attention and love from her human. She is good with other dogs and responds well to treats. She isn’t food-crazy and prefers to slowly munch on her food during the day rather than gobble it all up at once. Melody has lots of energy, so lots of exercise is needed to keep this beautiful girl happy and healthy. If you’re looking for a running buddy, a hiking partner, or an enthusiastic dog to join you on all your adventures, Melody is the pup for you!

She tends to pull on her lead and needs her training to continue to make sure that she doesn’t try to run off as soon as she sees something that scares or excites her. She is known to jump on people and wouldn’t suit a home with young children or anyone frail.

Melody has melted all of our hearts and is guaranteed to melt her forever family’s hearts too!

Date of Birth

June 29, 2018


Medications: No

Microchipped: Yes

Sterilized: Yes


Cat-friendly: Yes

Dog-friendly: Yes. Interacts well with all dogs.

Kid-friendly: Yes, but energetic – may not be gentle with small children

Energy level: High

Anxiety level: Medium

Aggression: No

Triggers: A little scared of new people when on a leash.


Leash: In progress

Food: Yes

Crate: No

House-trained: Yes