Wiley- Wiley came to us with her friend, Coffee, from a stray pack located in Cha-am. A local hotel owner and restaurateur in the area reached out to us to help him with the overpopulation of stray dogs around his business. He cared dearly about the dogs, whom he had befriended, and wanted a humane way to control the size of the packs he looked after. We built a good relationship with the business owner, and arranged to sterilize and vaccinate all the dogs in the pack around his restaurant to ensure that the pack he monitored were manageable and healthy to ensure the well-being of the both the animals and community. He kindly donated 10,000 Baht to our cause.

Wiley, herself, was a pleasure to care for. The owner had done a great job in befriending the stray dogs of this pack which made the procedures and care easy for us. She has a bubbly personality and always loved to hug you when you entered her kennel, stealing the hearts of both volunteers and staff. Wiley stayed with us for two weeks for her sterilizations, vaccinations and aftercare.

happy street dog in for sterilization.