Reggie, lovingly nicknamed Tubs for his love of food and chubby cuteness, is the biggest of his siblings and liked to remind them all by asserting his dominance. He does this by jumping on top of them, but is never violent with them. Tubs is truly a big softie! He can be quite defensive around his food, so we feed him separately from his brothers and sisters. On walks, he tends to jump around but has definitely improved and nearly stopped the habit. For this, he will need training to be upkept. He loves affection and can spend hours being cuddled. Treats are all it takes to win his heart and he has done extremely well with his sitting. His recall skills are good and he always finds you eventually (mostly when he gets bored or hungry). He does enjoy toys, but is selective about which ones get his attention. He is a real sweetie who craves human contact and love and is waiting for the perfect family to spoil him with love.

Date of Birth

Sept. 29, 2018


Medications: No

Microchipped: No

Sterilized: Yes


Cat-friendly: Unknown

Dog-friendly: Yes. Dominant over small dogs, good with big dogs.

Kid-friendly: Unknown

Energy level: High

Anxiety level: Low

Aggression: Medium, can be aggressive with smaller dogs.


Leash: In progress

Food: In progress

Crate: No

House-trained: No

Commands learned: Sit