Rum is one of two dogs who were dumped at our volunteer accommodation in January of 2019. With no idea where they came from and nowhere to return them, we welcomed them in, and treated them. Raisin and Rum were inseparable. When Raisin was going through sterilization surgery, Rum even laid loyally and protectively by her side, watching to make sure she was taken care of. Now, they are fully integrated into our pack, awaiting to find their new forever homes!

Rum is an excitable little bundle of affection and energy who loves being around people and other dogs. She is still a puppy in training and will need someone who is ready to dedicate the time and effort needed to get her perfectly trained! So far, she has been doing very well with learning to sit, give paw, and wait for her food. 

This little girl loves to play with other dogs of all sizes – so much so that she can get over-excited and being to growl which can upset other dogs. She has improved greatly when it comes to her behaviour. Rum is incredibly food-driven and finishes her food quite quickly. She will need someone who can help her work on her patience and slow down her eating. She is doing very well on lead and has learned to walk side-by-side and avoid pulling. When off lead and free to run around, she is known to come up behind our volunteers and give them a little nudge on the bum with her nose, asking for a little love and pets.

Rum is a happy and loving dog who will be a best friend to any special human who can match her energy.

Date of Birth

Unknown, estimated late 2018.


Medications: No

Microchipped: Yes

Sterilized: Yes


Cat-friendly: Unknown

Dog-friendly: Yes

Kid-friendly: Unknown

Energy level: Medium

Anxiety level: Low

Aggression: No

Triggers: May get over-excited with dogs of similar or smaller size and plays rough/growls.


Leash: In progress

Food: In progress

Crate: Yes

House-trained: No

Commands learned: Sit, give paw.