In May of 2018, a nun from a local Buddhist temple contacted Rescue P.A.W.S. to ask if we could help her with an injured dog that she had found. He had a severe injury on his front right leg and was almost completely missing his paw. She dropped him off, and Sparrow quickly became the apple of every volunteer and staff member’s eye.

Sparrow is a highly energetic dog. He is affectionate, loving, and a bit of a handful! He loves walks and rolling around in the grass, and he shows affection by jumping up and smothering you with kisses.

Sparrow is not cat friendly and would be best suited as the only dog in the home. Because he likes to jump, he would be best in a home with only adults or older children.

He responds well to commands once he calms down. When on walks, Sparrow like to keep momentum to compensate for his bad leg. He tried to keep weight off the leg and does best when running on three legs – this may come across and him trying to pull the lead, but he is really just trying to walk comfortably!

He loves food and responds well to treats. He could sit and receive pats for hours and likes to curl up in your lap – the more chin scratches, the better. Sparrow is a dog with a heart full of love. With an owner who is ready to give him the time and patience he deserves, he will show you the true meaning of man’s best friend.

If you would like to adopt Sparrow, please send an email to