Sprite (aka Half-Pipe) arrived at Rescue Paws in March of 2014. He was paralyzed from the waist down and in a very bad state, weak and riddled with blood parasites. We could see in his eyes that he was a fighter.

The team at Rescue Paws pulled out all the stops and got working on this young fella – and it was not an easy job. He didn’t like many people and the few of us that he did like were always weary of his mood swings. Sprite required a lot of assistance. He did not have much control over his bladder and suffered from renal issues.

Ghet, our Veterinary Assistant, took a specialized course to learn how to build wheelchairs for paralyzed dogs. We got her the necessary materials and soon, Sprite had his first set of wheels! It wasn’t always easy to get Sprite into his wheelchair but but once he was strapped in he’d go from zero to 100 real quick. He would race around the temple grounds and even the other temple packs let him zoom through their territory without any problems. His daily therapy trips to the beach were his favourite time of day. With or without his wheels, he would be the first one in the water.

This boy knew how to live a happy life. He became our mentor. He inspired us all to keep bettering ourselves and to keep trying no matter what battles came our way.

In July of 2015, Sprite was accepted at Dhana Metta in Canada. Dhana Metta is an amazing organization where the Yana take care of special needs animals. Thanks to our partners, donors, volunteers, and staff, Sprite got the all clear to fly. Unfortunately, our joy was short lived: Sprite was not built for Canadian winters. Through continuous updates, we learned that Sprite was unhappy. He missed his temple, his beach, his vet, his staff, his volunteers, his Thai food, and the glorious Thai sunshine. We knew we had to bring him back. He arrived once again at Rescue P.A.W.S. on December 24th, 2015 (we could not have asked for a better Christmas gift). Sprite was home, his diet and medication were adapted, and Dhanna Metta gave him a truly incredible set of wheels. He was a 4×4 on a 2×2. Nothing stood in his way.

The mood at Rescue Paws was instantly lifted and Sprite became our daily inspiration once again. He was all smiles. He became much friendlier, the mood swings dissipated, and Sprite became known and adored by all that met him. His days were spent racing around on his wheels to the kennels, to the beach, around the dam, to the lake, and even a trip or two all the way up to 7/11. He would often drop down on his tummy and pass out, basking in the sun.

One day in August of 2018, he became lethargic. We could tell that his time was coming, yet we prayed that it wouldn’t. Our beloved Sprite passed away quietly that night, without suffering and surrounded by love.

He was buried next to Luna along with some of his favourite goodies. Our whole crew came to Sprite’s incredible funeral, witnessing his final blessing from a monk.

Every single person who has had the joy of meeting Sprite would tell you what a truly amazing dog he was. We are blessed to have been part of his life, just as he was to be surrounded by all of our volunteers’ and staff members’ constant love and care.

It is with sadness that we say goodbye. It is with joy that we remember.

R.I.P. Sprite