Flight Volunteers

plane with adopted dogs going to a new home.

On occasion, we have dogs, puppies and cats who are unable to return to their packs because of extenuating circumstances, including health issues or being dumped at a young age so unable to function efficiently in a street setting. This ultimately leaves us responsible for their care, but spaces in our kennels full which puts a pause on our mission and a huge strain on our resources.

Our Adoptions Coordinator works hard to find the right home for our animals, both locally and internationally, marketing and networking to find special individuals who will care for these pets just as much as we do.

Sending dogs internationally takes a lot of time, money and organizing, and without the help of our flight volunteers, a lot of animals would not be able to make it to a furever home abroad. If you have been staying in Thailand, or will be planning a trip to Thailand in the near future, you can help a dog or cat on their journey to a new home and exciting life by becoming a flight volunteer.

Where can adoptable dogs and cats go?

You can be a flight volunteer if you are travelling to one of the following areas:
• Canada
• Europe

Will being a flight volunteer cost me?

It does not cost you to be a flight volunteer. The only fee you will incur is the price of the flight which you would be booking or have previously booked to return to one of the places where adoptable dogs can go.

What airlines accept dogs?

The airlines that we recommend and work with are:
• China Airlines
• EVA Air
• Air France
• Lufthansa
• Austrian Air
• Korean Air
• Asiana Airlines

We must stress that the entire flight must be by the same operator.

For those who have not booked their flight already, we recommend China Airlines as they offer competitive price and allow for more dogs and cats to be taken with one passenger.

We would ask that you give us enough time to organize adoptions and necessary paperwork before the date of your departure. Please let us know as soon as possible your flight details and you will be added to our database.

Terms and conditions apply for these airlines. For more details, please contact adopt@rescue-paws.org

What is the process of being a flight volunteer?

We make all the necessary arrangements to get the animal to the airport, loaded onto the flight and collected at the final destination. All we ask of you is to meet up with our dog handler at the check-in at BKK airport, who will get the animal checked in on the flight and organize their load onto the aircraft, and then the adopter upon your subsequent arrival.

You will need to send us a copy of your flight e-ticket and passport which we will need to reserve a spot on the flight for the adoptive animal.

Will I get to pick the animal that I take?

You will not be able to pick the animal you take as a flight volunteer, as it will be up to the adopter who they will be choosing. Rescue Paws is also part of international flight volunteer network in Thailand that shares flight opportunities amongst its members and organizations. If we don’t have a potential furry passenger ourselves, there may very well be one somewhere else.

You can become a flight volunteer by filling in our enquiry form; alternatively, get in touch with us via email at adopt@rescue-paws.org or on our dedicated Facebook Adoptions page.

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